You found the website!

Congratulations on finding the website I set up to share more information with you. It's very basic because I haven't had a lot of time, but it has everything you need.

My name is Martha Willow and I am an author, professor and historian specialized in the history of Nova Scotia in the 18th century. Over the course of my research work I came upon the location of a mysterious artifact ... but before I could retrieve it I was threatened and I had to go into hiding.

Please email me now to let me know you have accessed the website and I'll send you a package.

This package will contain maps, a letter and other items; and combined with the contents of this website, you will have everything you need to pick up where I left off and find the artefact.

To make sure only you can access the website, I had to protect it with a password which I have hidden in the package you will receive.
Here is a clue: look for something in the package that will never be number one.

Please keep everything confidential and I trust that you will understand the need for such secrecy and precautions when you hear the full story.

If you need to email me

Access the information I left for you

(enter the password)